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RK specializes in Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas compliance for local and State regulatory agencies. Our team of experts understands the latest trends and requirements for analyzing and mitigating impacts to air quality to protect and serve our communities.



Air Quality Studies

RK provides expert advice and assessments covering all ambient air quality issues including odor assessments, air quality monitoring, air dispersion modeling to both the public and private sectors.

Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Impact Studies

RK conducts air quality and greenhouse gas impact studies to evaluate the potential effects of proposed projects on local air quality and climate change. Our studies use the latest modeling tools and techniques to identify potential impacts and recommend mitigation measures.

Health Risk Assessments

RK performs health risk assessments to evaluate the potential health impacts of air pollution on nearby communities. Our assessments use the latest health-based exposure guidelines to identify potential risks and recommend mitigation measures.

Energy Conservation Analyses

RK conducts energy conservation analyses to identify opportunities for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings and facilities. Our analyses use a whole-building approach to identify cost-effective strategies for reducing energy use and improving indoor air quality.

Odor Assessments
CalEEMod and Air Dispersion Modeling

RK uses CalEEMod and air dispersion modeling to evaluate the potential impacts of air pollution on nearby communities. Our models use the latest data and techniques to identify potential sources of pollution and recommend mitigation measures.

CEQA and AQMD Compliance

RK provides CEQA and AQMD compliance services to help our clients navigate the complex regulatory environment for air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Our services include permit applications, compliance monitoring, and reporting.

Climate Action and Mitigation Strategies

RK helps our clients develop climate action and mitigation strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability. Our strategies use a comprehensive approach that considers energy use, transportation, waste management, and other factors that contribute to climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is air quality important?

Air quality is important because it affects our health, environment, and economy. Poor air quality can cause respiratory problems, contribute to climate change, and impact outdoor recreation and tourism. Contact us to learn more about how you can improve air quality at RK.

What are some common sources of air pollution?

Some common sources of air pollution include transportation (cars, trucks, buses), industrial facilities, power plants, and natural sources such as wildfires and dust storms.

What is a greenhouse gas?

Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, contributing to climate change. The most common greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

What is Air Quality Compliance?

Air quality compliance refers to meeting regulatory standards for air pollution. This can include obtaining permits for new or modified sources of pollution, monitoring emissions, and submitting reports to regulatory agencies. Get in touch to learn more.

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