1. When should a traffic signal be installed?
2. What is traffic calming?
3. Which of the following is not a traffic calming method?
4. The acronym LOS is most closely defined as:
5. Mitigating an intersection can most closely be defined as:
6. An LOS of E more closely refers to:
7. What is the minimum acceptable level of service of an intersection?
8. The name given to a shared thru and right lane that is wide enough to accommodate two vehicles at once (one vehicle for thru and one vehicle for right turn traffic) is:
9. What do the numbers given at the bottom of a traffic signal pole represent? For example: 19-4-100
10. Why are manholes round?
11. Assuming a noise barrier of equal height, which of the following is most effective as noise control barrier construction materials?
12. What is a "trip end"?
13. What is the peak hour of the generator?
14. What recent publication did the ULI (Urban Land Institute) update that helps transportation planners do their work?
15. The higher the peak hour factor the following is true: