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Environmental Specialist

RK Engineering Group is seeking an entry level Environmental Specialist to join our team of Civil Engineers and Urban Planners to work on a variety of projects that help to improve AIR QUALITY and the ENVIRONMENT. The position includes assisting our project managers to perform technical analyses of Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas, and Noise Impacts for land use development projects.

The Specialist will be responsible for calculating air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, pursuant to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and South Coast Air Quality Management (SCAQMD) standards. The candidate will also assist with the preparation of noise impact studies by performing on-site noise level measurements, performing technical calculation of noise and vibration levels from construction activities, roadways, rail, and stationary noise sources.

The candidate will learn the framework of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) under which our technical studies are prepared. Successful candidates for this position will be motivated individuals who are willing to engage in a multidisciplinary set of skills and provide high quality work products with an acute attention to detail.


  • Interact and collaborate with RK staff members and other engineers and architects on the development team.
  • Strategize to find well-designed and cost-effective solutions for projects.
  • Engage in data collection, modeling, and post-processing.
  • Manage multiple projects and clients during the workday.
  • Formulate plans and recommendations to implement mitigation and abatement programs.
  • Evaluate permit applications for compliance with local, State and Federal regulatory agencies, prepare related documentation, and recommend necessary abatement measures.
  • Help clients navigate the public regulatory processes and project approval requirements.
  • Prepare engineering evaluations, coordinating public reviews, when necessary, and performing affected site inspections.
  • Review engineering and architectural drawings.
  • Develop, maintain, and operate data management systems containing engineering-related materials.
  • Attend meetings with clients and design teams.
  • Interpret and explain design issues by reviewing and creating visual demonstrations for clients.
  • Identify and address acoustic issues and benchmarks with clients.
  • Oversee data quality and retention; vet new software and create new programming for use.

We are an equal opportunity employer that offers a creative, professional, and friendly office environment. The position includes benefits such medical insurance, vacation time and a Simple IRA program. If you want a challenging job with a professional working environment, contact us to join our high-performance team today!

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